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Oregon State Parks

Fun meets functional design


The Oregon State Parks website was a unique experience for us. They came to A•VIBE looking for our design skills to create a warm and relaxed site that would be seen by most Oregonians and out-of-state visitors. The site was designed by AVIBE and an HTML5 CSS3 prototype built to hand off to the State Park development team to incorporate into their systems. They described wanting a design that was as inviting as a "friendly park ranger welcoming you to a park."

Oregon arguably is one of the best (or only) states for camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, wind/kite boarding, beach-going, picnics and day trips, and even whale watching! Oregon State parks wanted a website design that would reflect the versatile activities that Oregon has to offer.

The design integrates a large image slideshow (which was created long before it became trendy!), an easy to use navigation, and Google API maps with the main goal of visitors exploring the beautiful imagery and learning about the features of all Oregon State Parks. We know this website will be as enjoyable to use as the recreational areas that Oregon provides!

Working closely with Oregon State Parks and their marketing department, we discovered all the needs and goals the new website would need to accomplish.
Using Oregon State branding guidelines, a warm and inviting website was designed and quickly became popular at welcoming Oregonians and visitors alike to explore all that Oregon has to offer.
A comprehensive HTML5 CSS3 prototype website was developed by A•VIBE and handed off to State development team members for final implementation into their system.