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Sheet Metal Manufacturing
Estimation, Production, and Delivery Software

Elevating Success with Customized Manufacturing Management Software

At Alliance Supply and Piping (ASAP), data silos and outdated workflows were hampering productivity and preventing decision-makers from accurately understanding the needs of their business. With the implementation of a web-based business management application, AVIBE was able to help unify the workflows of various departments.

Here's How We Helped Them

laptop displaying estimation reports

Estimation Creation and Reporting

The estimation and bidding tool provides an elegant graphical display of active bids, and allows for searching, filtering, and creating estimates. Associated files can be linked to within the interface, and exporting to Excel is supported.
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Project Tracking

The JobStats interface provides an array of different utilities relevant to project managers. Once an estimate is approved, it is imported automatically into the JobStats module and all relevant data is automatically populated from the estimate. Running labor and material costs are compared to the original job estimate through a simple chart graphic. Documents and notifications are automatically generated at appropriate times.
Explore web-based business management customer pickup and driving spreadsheet tables overlaid over a background of a welder
laptop displaying the delivery driver scheduler page

Delivery Driver Scheduler

The DriverScheduler pulls key job information from the system to present the relevant details to dispatchers and truck drivers. Daily and weekly schedule overviews allow for at-a-glance assessments of availability, and a built-in alert system notifies employees when a job is scheduled at the last minute. The exact contents of each truck, and their routes, can be set through a simple interface, and drivers receive Google Map links for each job. The Scheduler also includes a Presentation view for display on the shop floor televisions.
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Key Results

Streamlined Workflow
reduction in workload
for administrative workers due to streamlined workflows.
Enhanced Forecasting
Eliminated Unplanned Overtime
due to enhanced forecasting abilities.
Avoided Mistakes
$50K/ month
saved in avoided production mistakes
(5% of production costs)

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