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Restaurant Supply Wholesaler
Custom Online Storefront Application

Winning at Online Sales through Custom Shopping Software

With nearly 100 physical stores across the country, and a unique online storefront, US. Foods CHEF'STORE needed a robust inventory system that could accommodate complex data synchronization, and support detailed product management. With their Buy-Online, Pick Up In-Store CLICK & CARRY shopping experience, CHEF'STORE's needs didn't fit neatly in to an off-the-shelf ecommerce package. Working closely with stakeholders from US. Foods and CHEF'STORE, AVIBE developed a product management system, created a customized look and feel that embodied the brand, and optimized the SEO-relevant Core Web Vital scores.

Here's How We Helped Them

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Customized Product Presentation

CHEF'STORE's site features a fully custom search utility that gives administrators immediate insight into search patterns, and control over the results. Administrators can create custom product groupings, and add those to the list of suggested search terms presented to users. These product groupings can also be directly linked to for sales and other promotional events. Each product's Details page lists similar products for a streamlined shopping experience, as well as other items that the shopper has previously purchased.
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Daily Inventory Synchronization

Information for almost half a million active inventory items is processed and synchronized each day, making data optimization critical for regular operations. AVIBE implemented a nightly import process that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 data feeds to keep the specific inventory at each location fully up to date. By utilizing a variety of optimization strategies, this vast amount of data can be fully processed in less than an hour.
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Third Party Order Fulfillment Integration

CHEF'STORE's online inventory is connected to Upshop, which allows for orders placed online through to be picked in-store, with optimized routes set for staff. CHEF'STORE's UPC and barcode labelling system has been updated to integrate with Upshop, which allows for efficient item lookup and even the ability to associate a specific temperature zone with a product.
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Analytics and UX Monitoring

Using Google Analytics and Hotjar data, AVIBE is continuously optimizing user experience and enabling customers to find products as quickly and efficiently as possible. AVIBE has also identified promising areas for improvement, adding Call To Actions in key areas to boost conversion rates and updating the presentation of sales and specials. Retail and wholesale consumers enjoy a personalized user journey and shopping experience.
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Key Results

More Users
Account signup increase 2022 to 2023
Ongoing Growth
10 years of continuous year over year online sales growth
More Transactions
In-store transactions in 2022
37% better than '21

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