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Sharing Product Knowledge with Effective Training Software

A successful sales strategy depends on sales associates delivering a consistent brand experience. Providing sales associates with quality training tools is essential, but the limitations that come with off-the-shelf learning management systems can hamper their overall effectiveness. Unlock the true potential of your team with a custom learning management system tailored exactly to your needs!

Here's How We Helped Them

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Personalized Learning Objectives

AVIBE leveraged modern gamification principles and robust user behavior reporting to maximize training participation. Managers have access to detailed reports, allowing them to reward specific sales associates and implement individualized lesson plans. Multiple tiers of leaderboards highlight the top performers, encouraging competition between individuals, as well as between different retailers.
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Say Goodbye to Off-the-Shelf Limitations and Embrace Tailored Solutions for Effective Training Worldwide.
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Dynamic Language Design

Different languages may take up different amounts of space, and may not even adhere to the left-to-right layout of English text. Knowing at the outset that the application was intended to be presented in over 30 different languages, AVIBE kept the design flexible to ensure users were able to enjoy a consistent experience, regardless of language. The application also features an integrated, multilingual glossary. Using a comprehensive, brand approved reference for the translations of the different phrases, concepts, and features that are associated with the company's products, new training courses can be efficiently ported to new languages.
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Maximum Data Security

The application is entirely owned and controlled by the client, ensuring that no external individuals have access to any sensitive content such as seasonal releases. AVIBE also engineered the application to seamlessly synchronize with the client's existing account system, enabling easy user management.
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