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International Trade Organization
Custom Financial Planning Tools

Allowing Offices Across the Globe to Share Live Financial Data

The United States Meat Export Federation needed a way to ensure their international offices could report in real-time the impact of their regional activities and financial commitments against the overall global budget. Compiling this data using manual processes could take over a month to produce, leaving decision makers with outdated information.

USMEF looked far and wide for a software solution to help them have real time financial metrics, but were unable to find an off the shelf solution to satisfy their needs. AVIBE was able to build a custom financial management system that allowed their international offices to enter all of their financial plans and activities into one centralized system, which allowed headquarters to have real time reporting on their overall financial status of the organization.

Here's How We Helped Them

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Detailed Budget Control

The program establishes streamlined, automated workflows that allow users to efficiently set financial plans. Funding sources are identified and defined by the central office, which are then connected to Marketing Initiatives by regional marketing teams. Purchase orders can then be entered and charged against the available funds, with synchronized exchange rate calculations enabling USMEF's global audience to simply use the local currency for data entry. All-digital workflows enable geographically diverse operations and immediate access to up-to-date information.
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Custom Comprehensive Financial Reporting

By unifying USMEF's operations into a single application, the organization eliminated the need to hunt for key information across dozens of different spreadsheets, applications, and file directories. With nearly every workflow across the organization interacting with the platform in some capacity, data is updated simply as a function of people performing their regular duties. This integration gives users access to live financial data from across the organization, enabling decision makers to quickly pivot and react to budgetary changes. An elegant, personalized UI provides users with the information most relevant to their role while a powerful back end allows them to drill down to the details of individual Purchase Orders.
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Contract Management

A set of simple, straightforward utilities enables USMEF to manage hundreds of contracts with different vendors across the globe. These contract management tools are integrated with their financial management module, providing visibility into real-time contract utilization as Purchase Orders are processed and reconciled. A robust notification system keeps staff aware of any outstanding tasks and contracts coming up for renewal. The contract manager also features automated approval workflows, which minimize the time needed to establish a new contract while still ensuring that key stakeholders sign off on all relevant decisions.
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