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Non-profit regional trade group
Custom business Events Management

A Customized Events Management Platform Built for Business

SUSTA's mission is to connect regional food and agricultural companies with international markets, using a wide variety of programs and initiatives. Due to SUSTA's unique business model, they needed a software solution that could serve their diverse needs including data visualization dashboards, event management, and accounting. Because these needs weren't captured by any off-the-shelf products, SUSTA turned to AVIBE to build a custom platform. AVIBE delivered a unified, web-based tool that allows SUSTA to maximize their reach, streamline workflows, and understand the health of their operations in real-time.

Here's How We Helped Them

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Organizational Health Dashboards

AVIBE created a series of data-forward dashboards that summarize key information for decision-makers, with the appearance and datasets personalized to the user's role. By utilizing a custom solution, these dashboards are fully integrated with SUSTA's existing business operations software, with no need to migrate data. The presentation of the data visualizations is optimized for the screen display, with the ability to export PDF and Excel Spreadsheets.
Utilize data-driven decision making

Event Creation and Management

A comprehensive Event Management module provides SUSTA with a wide variety of tools to organize engaging events for an international audience. Attendees can easily register for events and purchase tickets through a user-friendly interface.

Managers are able to set specific budgets for each event, which are then used to reconcile the event's invoices. The module features the ability to create multiple tiers of event tickets, with individual controls for pricing, availability, and waitlist support.

Surveying functionality is seamlessly integrated into this module, allowing for automated distribution to event participants. Data collected is then effortlessly fed into the CRM system, empowering targeted outreach efforts.

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Global Growth, Unified Solutions
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Integrated CRM

An integrated CRM module supplies client data throughout SUSTA's program dashboards. The organization is able to quickly review which events a contact has participated in, their applications for past funding programs, and proactively engage them with a set of communication templates. Carefully crafted site design directs prospects to the account signup forms, while behind-the-scenes automation helps to facilitate a smooth registration process.
Maximize engagement through customized CRM design
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B2B Networking Platform

The virtual event microsite facilitates connections between U.S. suppliers and foreign buyers. Each company is presented via a clean, friendly profile page, which is easily customized to showcase their products and branding. Interested buyers can contact suppliers directly through an intelligent contact form that is dynamically formatted based on the companies' products and services.
Create a highly effective platform with a powerful CMS

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