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Custom eLearning Tools

Innovative online e-Learning development


AVIBE and TEAM OREGON worked together closely to create the first online motorcycle training e-Learning classroom - eRider™. Riders can sign up online and then take the course at their own pace. The e-Learning tool has custom videos, fun games, interactive quizzes, and demos. The rider feedback from the course has been overwhelmingly positive, and students in the online classroom have been just as successful as those in a traditional classroom—and the online course requires 1/3 less time.

e-Learning Tools

AVIBE has a long-standing relationship with TEAM OREGON, having built two previous applications for them. We continued this relationship and partnered up with other vendors when developing the eRider™ site. This collaborative approach allowed us to create many custom and unique e-Learning tools for the site including videos of Oregon scenery and landmarks, imagery of TEAM OREGON staff and trainers, and scenarios that many Oregonians would face. This e-Learning model, with modifications, can be successful for many other fields, including insurance or health care and diversion programs.

We look forward to working with TEAM OREGON to keep their websites fun and informative far into the future!

Roadmap to Success
Created the first online motorcycle training in the country, focusing on making the e-learning tool friendly and fun.
Custom Software Development
ColdFusion, HTML5, AJAX, and JSON all went into the site to make it interactive, smooth, and helpful.
Data Management Services
Large amounts of customer reporting, custom-generated documents, and third-party data integration help ease workflow and increase accuracy.
Full Service Support
We work closely to update and improve the e-learning tools to maintain governmental regulations and compliance.
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