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Increased Conversions through Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling leading to increased conversions


The USA Poultry and Egg Export Council (USAPEEC) promotes exports of U.S. poultry and eggs around the world. Years ago, USAPEEC produced Buyer’s Guides in PDF format to communicate US chicken, turkey, and egg product information with foreign buyers that were interested in importing US poultry products. As mobile technology advanced, USAPEEC sought to present their industry product information in a more engaging format in order to better reach their global audience.

We worked closely with USAPEEC to reimagine their Buyer’s Guide strategy. USAPEEC’s goals for the new guides were two-fold:

  • Educate foreign buyers on sought-after US poultry products
  • Support USAPEEC’s members by encouraging foreign buyers to submit Trade Lead requests to purchase US poultry products

AVIBE began the design process by rearchitecting the legacy Buyer’s Guides’ content to be consistent across all three product categories, in an easily digestible online format. Our design team wanted to place more emphasis on the quality of US poultry products, showcasing their versatility through beautiful imagery. To support USAPEEC’s members, we strategically designed and implemented Calls-to-Action within the guides, prompting foreign buyers to submit a Trade Lead indicating interest in purchasing US poultry products. To ensure that all product information is up-to-date and adhering to industry standards, we built management tools for the USAPEEC team to update content on-demand through their existing website’s Content Management System (CMS).

Because the legacy Buyer’s Guides were previously distributed as PDF files, there was no traceable data to indicate how effective the guides were in converting to export sales. To track and report on the success of the new guides, we added advanced analytics and events tracking to all three Buyer’s Guides. Comparing data from the month prior to launch and the month after launch, we’ve been able to measure performance in ways that were never available previously:

  • Bounce rate decreased 7%
  • Time spent on the Find Suppliers page increased 30%
  • The percentage of users who exited the site from the Find Suppliers page dropped 7%
  • The percentage of sessions lasting 0 – 10 seconds decreased by 10%
  • The percentage of website visitors from outside the US increased by 10%
  • Of the new users who started the trade lead process, four times as many completed the process compared to the previous month
  • Trade lead submissions increased over 200%

We love working with the USAPEEC team and look forward to supporting their mission through technology.

Roadmap to Success
Rearchitected content strategy and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Intuitive Software
Mobile-friendly, responsive design. Showcasing the quality and versatility of US products through elegant poultry and egg imagery.
Custom Software Development
Parallax scrolling and animations leading users on a journey through the guides. Custom content management tools to update content and imagery.
Data Management Services
Advanced analytics tracking to report on Trade Lead submissions and conversions.
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