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Whimsical and Interactive Marketing Site

Exciting interactive design for children and adults alike!


It's not every day we get the opportunity to create a website as fun and creative as this! Author and illustrator of the KID-U-NAUT books, PageO came to AVIBE hoping to have a bold thrilling website to match his books. We took to the stars and created multiple interactive elements.

Throughout the site we have characters that pop up, spaceships that fly across, a video control panel, and hundreds of flying stars! Not only is the site fun for visitors, it is a great marketing tool that helps promote these wonderful children’s books. 

This is truly a site you have to visit!

Intuitive Software
Entertaining children who want to explore online, we incorporated many interactive elements that are a fun twist on expected web behaviors.
Custom Software Development
Implementing large scale illustrations and animated elements took some vigorous craftsmanship to ensure healthy performance loading times.
Full Service Support
A•VIBE is always proud to provide on-going direction to continue growth with all of our well-made web foundations.