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eCommerce-Focused UX

Integrated & interactive


CHEF'STORE, formerly Smart Foodservice Warehouse Stores, is a longtime client and we always love working with them. We have updated both the design user experience and website functionality to enhance the usability of the site throughout the years.

The website recently received a full redesign. The updated site naturally guides and informs visitors through clear customer journeys and includes more imagery to better represent CHEF'STORE's branding. During the redesign process, we developed new tools and features on both the front-end and back-end of the site to promote their marketing strategies as well as manage new services that CHEF'STORE is now offering to their customers, like their Click&Carry program. We also created a new content tool that allows the CHEF'STORE team to create custom Calls-to-Actions (CTAs) that encourage site users to explore other services that CHEF'STORE has to offer.

CHEF'STORE continues to grow and open up new stores, we created Store interfaces that the CHEF'STORE team uses to show the various stages of opening a new store (e.g. Store Coming Soon, Store Grand Opening, and Store Open). It has been wonderful to help bring CHEF'STORE's online and business operations to life. We always look forward to their next expansion.

Roadmap to Success
Created a responsive web application that allows visitors to find locations and products, and access powerful online shopping tools.
Intuitive Software
Redesigned a look and feel that is consistent, engaging, and communicates the value and integrity of the company's philosophies.
Custom Software Development
Focused on creating responsive tools that are helpful to the customer. Developed clear and organized features using innovative coding methods.
Data Management Services
Database tuning and performance monitoring allowing for nightly imports of data that keep the website's product content fresh.
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