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Global Brand Development

Create global leadership


Gray & Company has been providing the world with delicious maraschino cherries for over 100 years. With such a large market, they contacted AVIBE to assist in their international branding. Our teams worked together to create a world-class website that appeals and connects with a global audience. This process included designing a marketing infographic illustrating the maraschino cherry process “from orchard to jar.”

A completely responsive website with a flexible content management system (CMS) was a “must have” for Gray & Company. With the custom CMS created, their staff will be able to expand and explore their website’s content for years to come.

Inaugurating this substantial and ever-growing company into the world of web marketing was a special treat for us at AVIBE. Almost as sweet as their cherries.

Roadmap to Success
United all of Gray and Company's brands under one elegant website to support marketing efforts outside the U.S.
Intuitive Software
Created a beautifully light, natural environment, while being mindful of color and imagery implications within other cultures.
Custom Software Development
The Gray & Company staff has complete control of all content and the website has the flexibility to expand with the company's needs.
Data Management Services
The database-driven content management system easily manages the site’s marketing messages, text content, products, and images.
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