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Looks good on all devices

Mobile Design and Responsive Design

Thoughtful design always considers how the website will appear on any device.

More people have the web in their pocket than ever before. AVIBE knows that our clients’ customers want to be able to interact with the web whether they’re using a traditional desktop or a laptop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. Our extensive experience with cross-browser design implementation includes making sure your site looks great, no matter the platform.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Audience engagement is crucial for any website. A site designed with mobile devices in mind can generate twice the traffic from each user than a traditional desktop-oriented site. One of the best ways to provide a strong mobile presence is to consider responsive design. Responsive design augments the HTML code generated for your site with multiple appearances, each targeted toward a specific platform. AVIBE excels at meeting the challenge of creating multiple cohesive designs for your site to deliver a complete experience across all your favorite web-connected devices.

Web ApplicationsWeb Applications

While development targeted toward multiple platforms is highly valuable, businesses sometimes need a tightly focused, device-driven web application that the mobile browser wears like a second skin. By utilizing the features specific to a device, AVIBE creates a mobile web application that is as close to a native app as you can get, wrapped up in a bookmark easily pinned to the home screen—whether it’s on your own device, or your customers’.

HTML5, CSS3, and the Future of the Web

As homes started connecting into the very same broadband backbone as businesses, a beautiful and graphically diverse web flourished. However, as more and more people connected via wireless, new methods had to be made to maintain the fidelity of the web, while dramatically improving the speed at which sites can be delivered to the user. Enter HTML5 and CSS3. With users making the switch to browsers that support these technologies, frequently without even knowing it, they open the door to your site faster than ever before.

Browsers that support HTML5 and CSS3 offer plugin-free audio and video. This eliminates the costly load times and stability issues that can plague third-party solutions. Sites built with HTML5’s latest semantic tags are more easily parsed, understood, and cached by search engines. HTML5 is simpler and easier to maintain, and is supported by CSS3, a collection of enhancements to the graphical presentation layer. Under CSS2, sites featuring rounded corners, gradients, drop shadows, translucent objects, and other effects required dozens of image assets to download from the server. In CSS3, each effect can be generated on-the-fly by the browser itself. CSS3 can also animate elements on the page without ever making a JavaScript call.

AVIBE continues to evolve our development techniques to encompass HTML5 and CSS3 and ensure that your site is as future-proof as possible.


AVIBE's custom mobile design and development services help our clients connect with their website visitors in a meaningful way, allowing for the best experience on any device.

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