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Western Rivers Conservancy

Showcase stunning imagery


Western Rivers Conservancy acquires riverlands to create permanent sanctuaries for fish and wildlife. This organization has a proud history of identifying and preserving unique landscapes. We wanted to modernize their website to bring their achievements to the forefront. A custom map was created for the Project Atlas page, which utilizes interactive pinpoints of current projects as well as past accomplishments.

The updated site has an array of dynamic features. News articles featuring a specific project will appear in both the newsroom archive and the project page. Specific projects have education briefs, maps, and hiking/fly fishing information for those looking to visit. One of the top priorities of the site was to showcase the gorgeous photography of the rivers. Throughout their site visit, users will be introduced to some of the most beautiful locations of the west.

To communicate the depth of each project, an admin was created that enables projects to be easily linked with their many features.
An adaptive design approach was created to show off the amazing photography by allowing the website to expand to larger screen sizes.
Keeping future online expansion in mind, the site was built to allow numerous projects to be added in the future.
Since the website launch, we continue to implement additional features to the site such as a custom blogging platform.